House Warming Gifts – Handmade Home Decors

Our newly created House Warming Handmade Home Decor products mostly based on Biophilic Design Principles made from Preserved Natural Plants.

Moss Art with Roses - 40x40cm - wooden frame - Bathroom

For Interior Designers!

We are able to create and deliver Tailored Made Orders of handmade biophilic art works.

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For Shops & Restaurants!

We are able to create and deliver a Touch of Differentiating through handmade biophilic art works.

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Handmade Office Decor - Bespoke Moss Signage

For Offices & Receptions!

We are able to create and deliver your Bespoke Signage as a handmade biophilic art work.

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Handmade Home Decor - Moss wall art with multiple colour roses

About the HandCraft Studio and our Handmade Home Decors

Inspired by Nature created by Passionate Artists!

With 3 generation of handicraft legacy in the handmade-handicraft industry we are very keen to create all kind of uniquely handmade products by applying the biophilic design principles through our art works like moss art, moss wall art, moss decor, moss signages and any other handmade personalised, handmade home decor crafts and of course, not just...

Why our works?

  • 100% HandMade
  • 100% Preserved/Dried Natural Plants
  • 100% Biophilic Design.
Handmade Home Decors FAQ

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Feel free to write us about your bespoke idea.

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