Where to keep?

This product is exclusively for interiors. To keep more time an optimal appearance not to expose to the direct sun.

Does it require maintenance?

100% NO Maintenance! A completely maintenance-free that does not require watering, fertilising, pruning or trimming.

How to clean?

Recommended a gently cleaning, should be clean by gently apply of soft pencils or soft water spray.

Will keep the colour, shape and natural touch?

The moss will maintain its colour and will remain natural spongy to the touch if provide it with 40% humidity which is a natural measure of air humidity.

How it’s made?

100% handmade, each preserved moss buckets with any preserved/dried plants are carefully sorted and glued to 100% cotton canvas or photo/painting frame.

What about the preserved moss and preserved/dried plants?

After preservation the moss and plants are non-hazardous, non-infectious non-flammable and non-toxic. Not suitable to eat.

Where it’s used?

Office Decor, Home Decor, Special Events. Usable on walls, desk/tables.